Today, the Fifteen day of January 2011, the Coalition of Organizations of the Haitian Diaspora (COHD), along with other community leaders, were summoned in order to take appropriate steps to initiate the unity of the Haitian Diaspora.


We, Haitians living outside of Haiti, gathered here today in Orlando, Florida, at the heart of nature, on this historic weekend that marks the first anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti and brought her to her knees, where more than 300,000 Haitian compatriots lost their lives and millions more were affected;
-Considering all the tragedies and sufferings that our Native Land, Haiti, has endured for so long;

-Considering all the political unrest that continues to be the main source of destabilization;

-Considering that domestic and foreign enemies of Haiti alike benefit from its current state of chaos;

-Considering that the division among us Haitians is what prevents us from coming together to reconstruct and rebuild our beloved Haiti;

We decide, today, before all the privileged witnesses of this event, to set aside our differences in order to overcome the challenges facing our native land. Today, we pledge to always unite and set aside our personal interests to promote the common good. As we remember the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010, this act of the Unity is ratified today on behalf of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and to honor our ancestors, in particular, Toussaint Louverture, who predicted that our roots will grow back because they are deep and numerous.

Let it be known that we were the generation that laid the foundations for an environment where “No Haitian is alone.” We will devote our lives to fight and die to protect the provisions of this act.

Unity or Shame

May the universe and our enemies recognize and hear the united voice of Haiti’s roots.

Dated in Orlando, Florida, USA, this 15th day of January, AD 2011, the Two Hundred and Seventh Year of the Independence.

Jacky Chery

Jacky Chery, president of United Haitian Living Abroad (UHLA)

For all Members of the Coalition of Organizations of the Haitians Diaspora (COHD)

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