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United Haitians Living Abroad (U.H.L.A.)

UHLA believes that no Haitian should feel alone in a foreign country. Our motto is No Haitian is Alone. We are committed to uniting the Haitian communities locally, nationally, and globally.


“A community organized for its own political and social welfare and expression; to peer into its own mind and life, to discover its own social needs and then to meet them, whether they concern the political field, the field of health, of recreation, of education, or of industry; such community organization is necessary if democratic society is to succeed and endure.”

UHLA is well on its way to being the most influential and number one Haitian grassroots nonprofit organization that specializes in community organization and civil rights issues.  We will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to mobilize the Haitian community.  We need to be able to mobilize at a moment’s notice for any issue related to our cause.

Your Urgent Attention!

New more than ever : Unity or Shame!

United Haitians Living Abroad – U.H.L.A. is proud to celebrate the anniversary of the
Haitian flag Day on this beautiful Sunday that marks the 213th year of independence of
Haiti. 05/18/1803 – 05/18/2016 again reminds the world the greatness of the Haitian
People who first stood for and proclaimed and affirmed the dignity of man. Slavery was no
more. Today U.H.L.A wants to send a strong message to the Dominican Republic that we
will not tolerate the mistreatment and the injustice of our people.

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