Never again will we have to watch in helplessness our fellow Haitian brothers and sisters go through unspeakable horror alone. We can all remember the sense of vulnerability that we all felt by watching the tragic earthquake that claimed the life of more than 300.000 Haitians on January 12th 2010.

UHLA response team is composed of volunteer Haitian professionals living abroad and friends of Haitians that are trained and prepared to be deployed at a moment notice to assist in emergency disaster situations. We call upon caring and concerned professionals who would like to be on the list of volunteers.We welcome any all kinds of expertise; like (people in the health field, engineering, IT, HR, Security and so on) especially the ones that can be most useful in pre and post disaster. Please contact us for more details.


UHLA believes in conserving our Haitian heritage which is rich of values, traditions, and beauty. Art and Culture are the soul of a people. UHLA seek to establish a platform where the younger the generation can be thought and be handed over the Haitian culture. Thus our music, our art, our cuisine, our language, and our history will be upheld with the utmost pride and reverence.


Want to join with us?