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Orlando FL 06/25/2012


United Haitians Living Abroad (UHLA) is outraged by the decision to remove Consul Alex Jospitre from the Orlando’soffice after only six months of service. We believe that the decision was ill advised and it creates a state of destabilization for the Haitian Community
here in Orlando Florida. We further believe that the unexpected transfer of the Consul demonstrated a lack of respect for the Haitian people here in Orlando. The Orlando Community was just getting acquainted with the new Consul and his staff. We were so far very pleased with Mr. Jospitre inclusive approaches.
We want to seize this unfortunate circumstance to advise the Haitian government that UHLA stands ready to work with them for the advancement of the political, social, economic and cultural interests of the Haitian people living abroad and in Haiti. We propose that we work together in good faith with professionalism and mutual respect. We trust
that immediate action will be taken to correct this obvious blunder in order to make room for future collaboration between the consul’s office and the Haitian community.
In closing, we would appreciate that going forward a clear channel of communication exist between the Haitian government and the Haitian Diaspora. UHLA stands ready to serve as a bridge to facilitate a more

cordial relationship.
No Haitian Is Alone!
Jacky Chery/President and CEO of UHLA

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Contactez Chery Jacky
Orlando 25/06/2012


United Haitians Living Aboard (UHLA) est indignée par la décision de transférer Alex Jospitre qui est le nouveau consul du bureau d’Orlando après seulement six mois de service. Nous croyons que la décision a été mal conseillée et cela a crée un état de déstabilisation pour la communauté Haïtienne ici à Orlando en Floride. Nous croyons en outre
que le déplacement inattendu du consul prouve un manque de respect pour le peuple Haïtien ici à Orlando. La Communauté d’Orlando était entrain de se familiariser avec le nouveau consul et son personnel. Jusqu’à présent nous étions très satisfaits avec les approches inclusives de M. Jospitre.
Nous voulons saisir de cette circonstance regrettable pour aviser au
gouvernement Haïtien que UHLA est prête à travailler avec eux pour l’avancement des intérêts politiques, sociaux, économiques et culturels du peuple Haïtien vivant à l’étranger et en Haïti. Nous proposons qu’on travaille ensemble en toute bonne foi avec professionnalisme et le respect mutuel. Nous espérons que des mesures immédiates seront prises pour corriger cette grave erreur afin de faciliter dans le futur de très bonne collaboration entre le bureau du consul et la communauté Haïtienne.
En terminant, nous aimerions qu’à l’avenir un canal de communication claire existe entre le gouvernement Haïtien et la Diaspora Haïtienne. UHLA est prête à servir de pont pour épauler une relation plus cordiale.

L’Haïtien n’est pas seul!
Jacky Chery / Président et CEO de UHLA


In line with their mission to help organize the Haitian community for political, educational, economical, social, and cultural impact, the United Haitians Living Abroad (UHLA) organization is hosting a banquet entitled “Lakay Se Lakay” [Home Is Home] to encourage Haitian business owners. The president of the organization, Jacky Chery, says “Ayityen dwe sipote biznis Ayityen” [Haitians should support Haitian businesses.]. He continues to say that businesses in the
community are struggling because a majority of the Haitian population spent
their hard earned money in other communities.

One reason for this exodus is, by taking their business (and money) to other communities, the consumer expresses his/her frustration with a few bad actors who provide a mediocre level of service while charging exorbitant prices at times. Another reason seems to be a missing sense of personal responsibility and a weak sense of community. Last but not least, the lack of support is due to a short-sided idea that one’s compatriot should not become rich. In that regard again, UHLA’s President Mr. Chery argues forcefully that it is necessary for Haitian entrepreneurs to be successful and to develop a sense of wanting to give back. “We definitely can use a few millionaires; we all cannot be in the dirt. For instance, when superstar and Good Will Ambassador Wiclef Jean got in his plane to go to Haiti to bring help and relief for the people in Haiti, he represents all of us; and he had to have the success in order for him to be able to help at that magnitude.”

Haitian consumers need to understand that when they support the Haitian community, it will have a ripple effect. Having said that, Mr. Chery stresses that it doesn’t mean Haitians cannot visit other communities and experience a different taste or take advantage of a nice deal. The emphasis is on changing the perspective of the consumer from negative to supportive and to encourage them to “pran soin lakay avan” [take care of home first]. On Saturday, December 17, 2011, at Kingdom Life International Hall in Orlando FL, UHLA wants to start a campaign to raise awareness of these issues. They want to spread the following message: No longer will we stand by and carelessly allow Haitian businesses to go down one after the other; no longer will we stand by and allow a few bad experiences to feed division and self-sabotage. In a nice and relaxing atmosphere, featuring the best Haitian stars in town, the “Lakay Se Lakay” banquet will honor Haitian business owners and professionals who persevere despite the tough economic challenges.

They still stand tall representing the Haitian people in the market place and UHLA wants to “Thank you!”. We can continue to complain about our problems or we can do something about it; we can say it’s impossible or we can do all that is possible. UHLA will be there. Will you? For more info
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