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The Republic of Haiti is divided administratively into ten departments. The departments are further divided into 41 arrondissements, and 133 communes.


Department Capital Area (km²) Population Density Map
L’Artibonite Gonaïves 4,984 1,168,800   1
Centre Hinche 3,675 564,200   2
Grand’Anse Jérémie 1,500-2,000 733,000 (before split)   3
Nippes Miragoâne 1,500-2,000 ??   4
Nord Cap-Haïtien 2,106 872,200   5
Nord-Est Fort-Liberté 1,805 283,800   6
Nord-Ouest Port-de-Paix 2,176 488,500   7
Ouest Port-au-Prince 4,827 2,943,200   8
Sud-Est Jacmel 2,023 518,200   9
Sud Les Cayes 2,794 745,000   10

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