Want to become a member because you like what we’re about? Do you share the same interests and want to help?

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Want to become a member because you like what we’re about? Do you share the same interests and want to help?

United Haitians Living Abroad is the fastest growing grassroots movement in the Haitians Community that focuses on organizing our neighborhood in order to affect positive change. UHLA commitment is to serve as liason with government entities to provide the Haitians views on issues like education, immigration, affirmative action, business, health as well as other issues impacting our community.
When you join the union you empowered the haitians to have a voice on issues related to their interests

Then contact us. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our organization as soon as possible!



When you join the Union, you become part of a larger group of Haitians that are united around the world for the purpose of solidarity and community organization to advance the interests of the Haitian people. These interests include, but not limited to: political impact, educational achievement, cultural awareness, economical empowerment, housing, health and civil rights.

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Membership and Chartering Fees

Annual Charter Fee – $50.00

ID card Fee for each new member – $10.00

Annual Membership fee – $10.00

Laminated UHLA 12th Steps to go forward for each member – $10.00

Total dues & charter-sent to National Office – $80.00

**Please send in dues for National only.


When you join the union you empowered the Haitians to have a voice on issues related to their interests

The time has come to stop being on the side line. United Haitians Living Abroad is the people movement. Young and old, we all have a stake in the struggle. Become a leader in your community by forming a council in your area. Call the corporate office to get direction and necessary training to get started. All you need is a minimum of seven volunteers that are willing to work in your area.

How a Council is organized

A local Council may be organized under the sponsorship of an existing active Council and/or of any District, State or National Executive Board officer or any combination of these according to the procedures set forth below. If there are no councils in your immediate area, active council sponsorship is waived:

A group of not less than Seven persons that meets all qualifications for membership shall, on its own initiative or that of one of the possible sponsoring entities, stipulated above, meet and elect officers and otherwise constitute itself into an organized body;

After orientation as to the principles, work and structure of the Union, the group shall fill out an Application for UHLA Charter form;

The application includes a roster of all members and officers of the group, complete with mailing addresses and telephone numbers. The yearly fees include the 1) annual charter fee of $100.00, 2) a $60.00 annual membership fee for each member on the roster, and a one time initiation fee of $6.00 for each member on the roster. All this information is forwarded to the National Office in Orlando FL. All new councils chartered 30 days prior to the UHLA National Convention are allowed voting privileges.

Upon approval of the application by the National Executive Board, a Charter will be issued by the National Office and sent to the Organizing Officer;

The Organizing Officer shall arrange a place and date with the new Council for the initiation of members, installation of officers, and presentation of charter;

Instructions and Forms

A Council is the basic unit of active membership in UHLA, a national organization. Each Council must and will be identified by a numerical figure issued when the Council is duly chartered by the UHLA National Board of Directors pursuant to the terms and conditions of this charter agreement and the requirements and procedures set forth in the UHLA Constitution and By-Laws. Once duly chartered, the Council shall have all the rights and powers and will be bound by the limitations and responsibilities as set forth in the UHLA Constitution and By-Laws, and this Agreement. This Agreement becomes a binding contract upon its execution by the contracting parties effective on the date stated above and is renewable annually.

The Council shall reflect “UHLA” and its assigned number in its name. Council shall be known and shall do business as it is registered with UHLA. The Council shall clearly identify itself as a duly chartered Council of UHLA in all dealings with its clients, contractors, public officials, and others, and shall prominently place appropriate notice of its charter membership on all forms, business cards, stationary, advertising, signs and other materials where UHLA membership is disclosed.