United Haitians Living Abroad (UHLA) believes that no Haitian should feel alone in a foreign country. Our motto is No Haitian is Alone. We are committed to uniting the Haitian communities locally, nationally, and globally. We are committed to building our communities block-by-block, city-by-city, and across nations. We invite you to join hands with us for this massive undertaking.

Our Mission

The specific objectives and purposes of this corporation include but are not limited to:

Community organizing

Educational achievement

Raise consciousness and promote cultural awareness by promoting Haitian art, music, crafts and culture

Uniting and strengthening the Haitian community by bringing together its diverse elements

Economical empowerment

Raise consciousness

Impact political policies through member participation

Meeting the housing, health and civil rights needs of the Haitian community

Vision Statement

The Vision of United Haitians Living Abroad is to Ensure an Innovative and an Inclusive Environment Where Haitians Are United for Their Common Goals Which include Freedom, Opportunity, Success and Enlightenment While Insisting in Supporting and in Respecting One’s Individual Aspirations Whenever Possible.


Launch Community organizing operations

Establish Educational programs for individuals

Economic Development for businesses & leaders

Civic Participation

Launch ``Save Haiti's Youth`` Project

Open up (U.H.L.A.) branches


After the 7.3 magnitudes earthquake that hit the heart of Port-au-Prince Haiti on January 12, 2010, it was very difficult to effectively help fellow countrymen in need. As a result, the need to organize became a more pressing necessity. One month later, precisely on Saturday February the 14th 2010, under the leadership of Jacky Chery, a vision for pragmatic and comprehensive structure was set. He along with a band of brothers including Welby Boisrond, Jean Felix Nicolas, Peter Lamour, Nadia Lamour, and Henold Modelus held the first meeting at Quality Inn Hotel located 235 South Wymore Rd, Altamont Spring Florida 32714 Later, others like Jean Claude Guillaume, Vasthie Desir, Salvant R. Jean joined the group.

This dynamic group of Haitians and Haitian Americans understood that if they were to make a positive mark in the Haitian struggle, they would have to establish a platform that facilitates the union of all Haitians living around the world to organize and come together to address the social, educational, economical issues that are affecting them as well as the people in Haiti. Thus, United Haitians Living Abroad (UHLA) was created. United Haitians Living Abroad is nonprofit organization primarily focusing on community organization. In lock step with the national emblem (L’union fait la force), and guided by the spirit of our ancestors – Dessalines, Toussaint, Christophe, Petion to name just a few, these pioneers called upon all Haitians to get united behind a common cause to reclaim their pride and dignity. As the first Black Country that has given the lesson of liberty, as the first Black People who have abolished slavery on the face of the planet earth, it is time to once again make history.

There is no standing on the side line, there is no wait and see attitude. It is a new day. Today, we are enjoying the freedom that our ancestors fought and died for, and now the question is, what kind of life will we leave for the next generation of Haitians? What will they say of us? Make sure that you can go to the grave with the satisfaction that you have done your part for a more perfect union as our Heroes intended it to be.


Jacky Chery is the President and CEO of United Haitians Living Abroad. The President seeks to establish a comprehensive structure that empowered the Haitian community to be better served by governments and private sectors. In 2002, Chery Co-founded Technical Haitian Education Center of Orlando and served as chairman of the board for many years, Chery served as Director of Communications and media relations for faith base institutions. In Orlando Florida, as a community organizer, he advocated on behalf of individuals who were discriminated against in the work place. Chery is a proud member of NAACP and FCRA advancing the agenda of civil rights. In 2005, Chery served as vice president of Maranatha Youth Ministries where he oversaw and helped set agendas for different departments. All Haitians living abroad now have a platform where they can come together to help influence positive changes for their social, educational, cultural, and economical interests.

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